Unifrax Non-Ferrous Ceramic Fiber Products

Christy Refractories is a Midwest distributor for Unifrax brand Non-Ferrous Ceramic Fiber Products.  Unifrax is a global leader in high-performance specialty products used by many industries in a diverse group of applications.  Unifrax products provide substantial improvement in thermal performance.  They save thousands of dollars in energy costs and can also help reduce your operations environmental footprint.  Unifrax high quality products help customers save energy, reduce pollution and improve fire safety.

Unifrax’s Fiberfrax® ceramic fiber product line, revolutionary Insulfrax® and Isofrax® low bio-persistent, alkaline earth silicate fiber products, Saffil® PCW (polycrystalline wool) fibers, specialty glass fibers and other high performance specialty products are available in a variety of product forms.

We regularly supply the following Non-Ferrous Ceramic Fiber Products:

Board Products – refractory ceramic fiber board products used in the non-ferrous industry

Ceramic Bulk Fiber – refractory ceramic bulk fibers used in the non-ferrous industry

Ceramic Fiber Blanket – refractory ceramic fiber blanket products used in the non-ferrous industry

Ceramic Fiber Paper – refractory ceramic fiber paper products used in the non-ferrous industry

Ceramic Textiles – refractory ceramic fiber textile products used in the non-ferrous industry

Coatings and Mixes – refractory ceramic fiber coatings and mixes used in the non-ferrous industry

Modules – refractory ceramic fiber module products used in the non-ferrous industry

Vacuum Formed Shapes – vacuum formed shapes used in the non-ferrous industry