The Christy Refractories Company has been developing, improving, firing and finishing refractory products for almost a century. The Christy family can trace its refractory history back to the early 1800’s. That’s a long time and a lot of experience.  Today, we offer a full line of refractories for use in various high temperature applications.  Our products range from simple insulating fire brick and ceramic blanket to a more complex refractory shape or specialty line of castable.

Many of our products have been developed for specific purposes with unique designs. We offer extensive research and development. Our highly qualified staff of ceramic engineers, scientists, technicians, and plant personnel, will work with you to produce a cost effective, superior product to meet your refractory needs. Christy Refractories takes pride in our commitment to operational excellence. We have the drive, knowledge and ability to meet our customer’s specific and demanding needs for their everyday usage and in crisis situations. We will work with you to get things done!