precast refractory linersCustomized Precast Refractory Liners

Precast Refractory Liners are often challenging pieces to make.  These liners can be made to protect complex geometries.  They are often thin and required to fit around existing design items.  Tooling and dimensional tolerance are of the utmost importance here.  Christy Refractories has provided customized precast refractory liners for many molten metal applications.  These liners are custom made for each individual application.  They can contain holes and complex geometries.

We have a variety of castables to choose from depending on the application.  From low thermal expansion fused silica liners to non-wetting castables, we have the material for your application.  We have an in-house quality control lab which can complete a number of ASTM physical properties tests.  The lab can provide assurances to you, or your customers, that the material meets all of your specification requirements.  We also have experience using most major manufacturers’ castables.

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