Specialty Precast Parts

Specialty Precast Parts are unique items that will usually only find a home in a specific application.  Christy Refractories offers many customized specialty precast refractory parts.  Customers have looked to us for custom parts big and small.  We have developed unique refractory mixes for 2 lb small parts to multi-chamber aluminum furnaces cast in a shell.  Come to us with a refractory project and we will do our absolute best to make sure you have what you need or point you in the direction of an industry expert that can help you.

Some examples of specialty precast parts:

  • Molten Metal Degassing Lances
  • Molten Metal Pump Parts
  • Furnace Wall Thermocouple Protection Insert
  • Floating Slag Skimmers for Tilting Furnaces

Christy Refractories offers a wide variety of specialty parts. From small custom crafted parts to our Seal-Cast® 27 line of molten metal degassing and pump parts.  We have an in-house quality control lab which can complete a number of ASTM physical properties tests.  The lab can provide assurances to you, or your customers, that the material meets all of your specification requirements.

If you have an unusual refractory/ceramic need, contact us today to see how we can assist you.

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specialty precast parts 2