Precast Refractory Shapes

Christy Refractories’ fabrication shop has experience producing a wide array of precast refractory shapes using a variety of materials.  From furnace and ladle relines to small flow control components, our fabrication division can produce the precast pieces you need.  We have experience using most major refractory castable manufacturers’ materials as well as our own Christy Cast brand of castables. Some of the advantages our precast refractory shapes offer are:

  • Self-made castables – we can pass our savings in materials on to our customers
  • Highly Skilled Workforce – many of our plant personnel have been with us for more than 20 years.  We have produced many different types of shapes using many different types of materials
  • Extensive QC Testing – we can offer specific QC programs to match your application.  From pressure testing cast parts to in house CCS or MoR, we can design a QC program that will meet your needs
  • Flexibility – As a small job shop we have the capacity to offer quick turn-arounds when needed and the flexibility to be able to handle large jobs when needed
  • Christy Advantage – we can benefit from the combined expertise of our minerals division, our research division, our catalytic division, and our construction division when approaching new projects