Aluminum Industry Refractory Solutions

Aluminum Industry Refractory Solutions are some of the many services Christy Refractories offers.  We provide products and services to the aluminum industry for applications such as die cast and foundry, primary smelting, secondary melting, and carbon baking.  Our primary product offering to the aluminum industry is Stalk / Riser Tubes for die casting.

Our stalk tubes are a premium product that consistently outperform the competition in service life and pressure testing.  Our tubes are more economical than aluminum titanate or SiAlON tubes.  We also offer a new patented aluminum filtration system – Lattice Filtration™ .  Our engineered structures allow repeatable flow rates and filtration levels without the batch to batch variation of ceramic foam filters.

Our fabrication department offers a wide range of other precast products as well.  We produce many troughs/runners for the aluminum industry.  We manufacture top quality tap blocks out of our in-house castables.  We also manufacture many flow control components.  We have a number of different non wetting materials to choose from and have worked on everything precast from 2lb floats to 5 ton furnaces.  Christy Refractories also regularly provides ceramic fiber insulation, castables, and a variety of custom crafted silicon carbide parts to the aluminum industry.

Our experienced team of sales and application engineers can also provide onsite assessments and custom engineered solutions to your challenging applications. Whether you need refractory material for furnace repairs or specialty precast shapes, Christy is a supplier that you can depend on for your aluminum industry refractory solutions.