Ladle refractory relinesLadle Refractory Relines

Christy Refractories’ fabrication department has produced many ladles in the past. We have a large amount of experience with ladle refractory relines.  We have worked with both brick and castable relines as well as with new ladles. We offer a full product range of IFB or our in-house castables to choose from. We also have experience with most major castables manufacturers’ materials.

Aluminum transfer ladles require an abrasion resistant not wetting castable.  These castables also need to be able to take repeated thermal shock stresses.  The completed ladles also have to be able to take physical abuse.  We have a selection of non-wetting castables for this demanding application.

The pouring spout often experiences greater amounts of wear when compared to the rest of the ladle.  We can also offer custom replaceable inserts for just the pouring spouts of your existing designs.

We also have experience relining ladle lids for your transfer applications.  No transfer ladle is complete without a lid.  The increased heat retention leads to increased transfer times.   The lids also keep your personnel safe from splashes.

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