Christy Industrial Services – Refractory Field Services

“We install more Refractory in one hour than others install all day”

Christy Industrial Services, the refractory field services side of Christy Industrial Holdings, provides refractories and refractory installations to multiple industries.  We service aluminum, chemical, petroleum, steel, heat treating, and power generation.  Christy Industrial Services is meeting the needs of a demanding market. We offer superior on-site refractory supply, installation and repair. Christy Industrial Services is the best of man and machine.  We have an experienced crew of engineers, operators, and bricklayers.  From small furnace repairs to large rebuilds, we have the experience you need to complete your refractory field services for a quick and efficient shut-down.


We are THE shotcrete installation experts. With our fleet of shotcrete rigs in our St. Louis warehouse, we’re ready for quick deployment to your site to install proven shotcrete materials in your molten aluminum, power generation, or other high temperature process unit. With install rates up to 12 ton per hour per rig, no one gets your refractory field services work done faster!

Advantages of Shotcrete

  • Speed
    • Installation time is reduced by over 50% vs. traditional ramming and gunite methods
    • We set records for turning around your boiler – 6 tons per hour per crew
    • Rely on Christy to meet your outage’s critical path requirements
  • Safety
    • Fewer people onsite = Fewer injuries
    • Shotcrete is ergonomically safer than pounding plastic or guniting
    • Shotcrete has up to 4 times LESS rebound, waste, and dust than guniting
    • Other trades can work side-by-side with us due to low dust
  • Performance
    • Our shotcrete materials have superior physical properties when compared to ram or gunite
    • Our customers are seeing substantially increased life compared to gunite or ram
    • Shotcrete can be walked upon within minutes of shooting – no risk of damage due to foot traffic, scaffolding, etc.

Christy Industrial Services

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