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Ultra-low cement castables

Christy Cast ultra-low cement castables have been formulated for specific applications but have found use in other areas.  Our ultra-low cement castables have been formulated to reduce the amount of CaO in the mix.  Lime is the culprit behind many different types of castable refractory failures.  Christy Cast 99 HT and S have also been formulated for low calcia and low silica levels.  These mixes are used primarily in petrochemical / chemical plants where these impurities can be chemically attacked by process streams.  These mixes have seen extensive use in domes, circle brick, and hexagonal target tiles.  Christy Cast FS-UL has been formulated for higher maximum service temperature and is used primarily in small parts because of the fine grain sizing.  All of our ultra-low cement castables are subject to a strenuous QC process.

Christy Cast 99 HT – Christy Cast 99 HT is a vibratable, 99% alumina, tabular alumina based, ultra low cement castable.

Christy Cast 99 S – Christy Cast 99 S is a vibratable, 99% alumina, sintered alumina based, ultra low cement castable.

Christy Cast FS UL – Christy Cast FS UL is a fine grained, fused silica based, ultra low cement castable (ULCC) designed for applications requiring increased resistance to thermal shock.