large monolithic precast shapesLarge monolithic Precast Shapes – Big Block

Big Block, or large monolithic precast shapes, are used primarily for furnace walls.  We have also worked on large monolithic precast shapes such as furnace ramps, holding furnaces, and deltas.  Christy Refractories can accommodate your big block needs. From one ton to several tons, we have the capacity and experience to complete your projects. We have a full line of in-house castables to choose from, or we can work with any major manufacturers’ castables.  Our in-house quality testing lab can perform many ASTM physical properties tests.  We can provide assurances to you, or your customers, that the material meets all of your specifications.

The advantages of customized precast refractory shapes are:

  •                Quick installation times
  •                The shapes can be pre-fired
  •                Decreased hold time upon start up rate
  •                Superior physical properties
  •                Shapes have controlled joints allowing for additional control of thermal expansion for the furnace

Christy can cast shapes to your specifications.  We have large dryout and firing capacity to meet your needs.  One of our experienced sales engineers can consult with you on site for a custom design.  Contact us today for a customized quote on your large monolithic precast shapes needs.