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Christy Cast Specialty Products

Christy Cast specialty products have been formulated for specific applications but have found use in other areas.  Our refractory castables are researched and developed in our Research and Development Lab.  We can reformulate castables to change everything – from chemistry, to rheology, to end use temperature.  We offer fused silica based, calcined flint clay based, mullite based, bauxite based, and alumina based mixes.  Our specialty products use high quality calcium aluminate cement and high purity raw materials.  All of our specialty products are subjected to a strenuous QC process.  

Christy Cast FS Lite – Christy Cast FS Lite is a fused silica based, insulating castable with non wetting additives.  It has been designed for use in aluminum troughing, over-the-road crucibles, and other shapes where insulating characteristics are important.

Christy Cast 95 Lite – Christy Cast 95 Lite is a 95% alumina, bubble alumina and tabular alumina based insulating castable with a maximum service temperature of 3200°F.  It has been designed for applications requiring insulating properties with extremely low levels of impurities.

Christy Cast SC 85 – Christy Cast SC 85 is a silicon carbide based, low cement castable with excellent abrasion resistance, high thermal conductivity, and a maximum service temperature of 2700°F.  It has been designed for the manufacture of fabricated shapes in cyclones, boilers, incinerators, tap blocks, and other various shapes.

Vibra-Seal®A dry granular refractory cathode barrier material which replaces conventional, dense firebrick layers used in electrolytic pots.