Precast Refractory Slabs for Walls and Floors 

Precast Refractory Slabs are commonly used in furnace walls and floors .  The advantages of customized precast slabs are:

  •                The shapes are cast under ideal conditions and prefired for optimal properties
  •                Shapes have controlled joints with custom tongue and grove designs.  This reduces cracking by controlling thermal expansion

Slabs can also be used outside of the furnace for an extremely strong floor resistant to molten metal and spalling.

Christy Refractories is experienced at producing custom fabricated precast refractory slabs.  We have a full line of in-house castables to choose your material from.  Tongue and groves are optional and can be customized to meet your needs.   We can provide custom floor slabs suited to meet your flooring requirements – from dense abrasion resistant mixes for high wear areas to aluminum non-wetting mixes for splash areas.

Our experienced team of fabricators can turn out quality parts quickly for quick turn-around jobs.  We have an in-house quality control lab which can complete a number of ASTM physical properties tests.  The lab can provide assurances to you, or your customers, that the material meets all of your specification requirements.

We will make shapes to your specifications to fit your applications.  Contact us and let us take care of your precast refractory slabs needs today.  We can also come to you for an onsite consultation.

Precast Refractory Slabs