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With our On-Site Assessment we come to you.  We can assist you in identifying your refractory strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and potential threats. We will discuss your challenges and goals; give recommendations; and consult on implementation.  The Christy Family offers a wealth of experienced application engineers, technical sales engineers, and construction managers with in-depth practical experience.  We have a long line of past successes that we have learned from.  We can put this experience to use in your applications.  Chances are that one of our engineers will have come across a similar application or failure method and have a quality recommendation on how to address the problem.

Our refractory onsite assessments team works closely with our research lab.  Our materials scientists can provide recommendations for a current product to meet your needs, or they can begin the process of developing an all new product.  Our lab has the ability to take spent refractory and perform a failure analysis.  We can dissect your refractory needs to recommend the best fit material for your application.

Materials failures are only part of why refractories fail.  Our experienced refractory onsite assessments team can review the shape and design of your refractory systems and see if there is a small change or tweak that can be made to improve the refractory performance.  We have seen many different sizes and shapes of refractories and have been witness to refractory successes and failures both large and small.  We have seen firsthand how small changes in refractory design can play a large part in refractory service life.

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Refractory onsite assessments