Ferrous Industry Refractory Solutions

Christy Refractories provides some of the most cost effective, value added Ferrous Industry Refractory Solutions.   From melting to final heat treat, Christy has all your refractory needs covered.  Specific areas we specialize in are EAF’s (Electric Arc furnaces), bottom pour and transfer ladles, and reheat furnaces.  Pressed and precast shapes can be engineered in house to meet your specific design needs.

Installation services are also provided with our in-house construction division.

Christy Refractories is a distributor of market leading high temperature insulating fiber refractory products for use in ferrous metal manufacturing from Morgan Thermal Ceramics.  The Christy Family of Companies stock and install a wide range of high performance thermal insulation products that significantly reduce energy consumption and emissions in a variety of high temperature processing applications.

Christy Refractories’ multiple locations stock a wide range of Thermal Ceramics products.  This allows our customers to take advantage of short delivery times on market leading solutions.  Please contact us for more information.

Christy Refractories High Temperature Insulating Fiber Products from Morgan Thermal Ceramics for Ceramics and Glass Manufacturing