Application Engineering Services

Christy Refractories offers several Application Engineering Services.  We can identify and define application solutions to meet our customer’s requirements. We gather information about your specific needs, then work with you to develop these parts by using sophisticated computer software, extensive background research and development, and testing.

Our application engineering services can assist in all aspects of your refractory business…… from the development of unique parts and practices, to answering your process questions, to recommendations for a wide range of applications.  Our product solutions can lead our customers to longer lasting, more efficient refractories.  Our application engineers’ experience in industry allows us to offer suggestions to improve existing designs or we can design all new systems.  A combination of redesigned launders and flow control components can often lead to less downtime with faster turn-a-rounds and more production.  Our designers have access to the latest computer modeling software and materials research.

Our application engineering services work hand in hand with our research and development lab.  Our materials scientists are up to date with the latest trends in refractories research and can suggest new materials to extend refractory performance.  Our lab can investigate spent refractory to identify failure mechanisms and provide guidance for solutions.  With a combination of application engineering and materials research, Christy Refractories can help solve your refractory needs.

Over the phone or onsite, let our application engineers know how we can solve your needs today.

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