Precast Refractory Troughs for Molten Metal Transport 

Christy Refractories provides many different precast refractory troughs for transporting your molten metals.  We can offer a one stop, one shop, solution.  We make our own material and offer molds per your shape design.  We also have onsite firing capabilities up to 2450° F.  Our troughing can be designed for low thermal expansion, low thermal conductivity, abrasion resistance, or non-wetting characteristics.

All of our precast refractory troughs are hand inspected before and after firing to ensure it is of the highest quality.  Our troughing materials can include stainless steel fibers/needles if you require them.  We offer a complete line of in-house castables through our Christy Cast line of castables.  We also have a lot of experience working with most other major manufacturers’ materials.  Each of our castable lots are tested by our in-house quality control lab which can complete a number of ASTM physical properties tests.  The lab can provide assurances to you, or your customers, that the material meets all of your specification requirements.

Boron Nitride coating is also available for all of our precast pieces for ease of metal release.  Contact us today with your precast refractory trough needs!

precast refractory troughs 1

precast refractory troughs 2