Refractory Products

Christy Refractories offers a variety of refractory products for your high temperature refractory needs.

We offer a complete line of Christy Cast castables.  Our refractory castables are researched and developed in-house in our R&D lab.  Our product line consists of varying cement levels, from high cement conventional mixes to ultra low cement mixes.  We have developed several insulating mixes as well as several non-wetting mixes for use in aluminum contact applications.  We offer fused silica based, calcined flint clay based, mullite based, bauxite based, and alumina based mixes.

Christy Refractories is the tier one Midwest distributor of Morgan Thermal Ceramics products including Microporous, Structural Block, Fiber Modules, High Temp Paper, Fiber Blanket, Mastics, Pumpables, Coatings, Insulating Fiber Boards, Vacuum Formed Shapes and many other products.

Christy Refractories High Temperature Insulating Fiber Products from Morgan Thermal Ceramics

Our multiple locations stock a wide range of Thermal Ceramics products.  This allows our customers to take advantage of short delivery times on market leading solutions.  Please contact us for more information.

Morgan Thermal Ceramics is a global leader in high-performance specialty products used by many industries in a diverse group of applications.  Thermal Ceramics products provide substantial improvement in thermal performance.  They save thousands of dollars in energy costs and can also help reduce your operations environmental footprint.  Thermal Ceramics high quality products help customers save energy, reduce pollution and improve fire safety.

Our fabrication department can make precast shapes ranging from several pounds to several tons.  We specialize in providing top quality clay and nitride bonded silicon carbide parts.

We also offer a number of additional products ranging from our K-mold inclusion tester to our new lattice filters for molten metals to insulating fire brick.


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