Other Products

Christy Refractories offers several other products to chose from.  We have a full line of insulating firebrick and other pressed shapes in many temperature grades and sizes.  We sell K-Mold Inclusion Samplers, a cast floor control check to test metal quality in your melt.

We are also introducing a revolutionary NEW copper and aluminum filtration system called Lattice Filtration™.  These filters are engineered structures that have reproducible flow rate, internal surface areas, and filtration effectiveness.  An all new patented process of 3D printing multiple types of ceramic materials into consistent engineered lattice structures.  This all new technology prevents the batch to batch variation of ceramic foam filter manufacturing and provides a consistent product.

 We also sell Vibra-Seal®.  a dry cothode barrier material in electrolytic pots.  Vibra-Seal®’s non wetting characteristics prevent passage of liquid and vapor phase slags into the insulation layer.  Vibra-Seal® requires half the installation time of brick.  It also reduces capital investment in your inventory by eliminating stores of multiple brick shapes.  There are no cracks or joints for slag intrusion.  No mortaring is required.  No water or liquid binder is required.  Vibra-Seal® can be used as a full barrier, a bedding layer, or as a sweeping compound.  See our product bulletin for more information!

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