Stalk Tubes Riser Tubes

Christy Refractories stalk tubes riser tubes are one of our premium offerings.  We offer precast fused silica riser tubes for low pressure die casting machines.  Each tube is quality tested through a stringent QC process.  This process ensures every tube is leak free as it leaves the factory.  It is free of preformed cracks and physical deformities.  We have an in-house quality control lab which can complete a number of ASTM physical properties tests.  The lab can provide assurances to you, or your customers, that the material meets all of your specification requirements.

We offer stalk tubes riser tubes that come with ceramic filters already installed.  with the industry standard ceramic foam filter or our new Lattice Filtration® system.  Lattice Filtration® uses 3D printed engineered structures with consistent flow and filtration efficiency.

Our fused silica stalk tubes compare favorably to Aluminum Titanate on a cost basis, while lighter, tighter, and 100% USA made. We offer a value added product for prices that are competitive versus our competition.  Our tubes consistently outperform the competition.  Our customers receive consistently longer life times from our tubes.  Our stalk tubes riser tubes can come in all kinds of custom shapes to meet your die casting machine needs. Contact us today to talk about your design specs and how we can meet your needs!

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