Ferrous Industry Refractory Solutions

Christy Refractories provides some of the most cost effective, value added Ferrous Industry Refractory Solutions.   From melting to final heat treat, Christy has all your refractory needs covered.  Specific areas we specialize in are EAF’s (Electric Arc furnaces), bottom pour and transfer ladles, and reheat furnaces.  Pressed and precast shapes can be engineered in house to meet your specific design needs.

  • EAF Furnace-Mgo Brick & Gunning products,  Precast Deltas, EAF Runners & Roof Brick
  • Ladles-Pressed Alumina & Graphite nozzles, Stopper Rods, Pocket Blocks, Mortars & Plastics
  • Reheat Furnaces-FOAMFRAX, Modules, Vacuum formed Burner Blocks & Flues, IFB’s.

Installation services are also provided with our in-house construction division.