Non-Ferrous Industry Refractory Solutions

Christy Refractories provides many Non-Ferrous Industry Refractory Solutions.  We manufacture a full line of flow control components, launders, troughs and other precast shapes.  Our shapes are custom crafted for each system, offering consistent long life, and significant improvements in installation speed and maintenance over industry common practices. We offer a proven full line of castables with specialty mixes designed for and regularly used in non ferrous applications.

Through our sister company, Christy Industrial Services, we offer uppercase, holding, and induction furnace relines. We also sell a new patented filtration system – Lattice Filtration™ .  Our engineered structures allow repeatable flow rates and filtration levels without the batch to batch variation of ceramic foam filters.

Christy Refractories has been a Midwest distributor for Unifrax Ceramic Fiber Products since it was the Carborundum Company in the 1920’s.  Our customers continue to see success in their heat containment applications.  Unifrax is a global leader in high-performance specialty products used by many industries in a diverse group of applications.  Unifrax products provide substantial improvement in thermal performance.  They save thousands of dollars in energy costs and can also help reduce your operations environmental footprint.  Unifrax high quality products help customers save energy, reduce pollution and improve fire safety.  We also provide:

  • Thermocouple Protection Tubes
  • Nitride Bonded and Clay Bonded Silicon Carbide Shapes.